Educational License

Educational LicenseAt Play Attention we have the most advanced technology available to strengthen executive functions, improve self-regulation, and change behavior.  But we know that it is not enough to simply give you technology and a manual.  We must do more to support, counsel, and coach.  Changing the brain is not enough – we are going to change your student’s life.

The Play Attention Educational License allows unlimited user access to the Play Attention program for a one-time fee. You can use Play Attention with any number of students.

  • No renewal fee.
  • No hidden charges.

Accountability and Achievement

Accountability and achievement are now closely linked in the educational community. Students with ADHD have a difficult time achieving. Educators are held accountable even when they don’t have the tools to teach ADHD students.

Play Attention is more than just another program for ADHD. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a team approach that provides real answers. Real solutions.

Executive Function, Self-Regulation, Data and IEP

We understand there's no single answer and no one-size-fits-all approach. So, Play Attention provides the most comprehensive packages, solutions, supports systems, and technology available. Play Attention's full service customizable system will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose what you need:

  • Improve Executive Functions through advanced feedback technology
  • Physical exercise program
  • Coaching/counseling
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Mindfulness training
  • Behavior shaping
  • Parent training
  • Detailed student reports and graphs to demonstrate efficacy in an IEP
  • Auto-backup feature ensures that you won't lose your data due to drive failure.

When you have questions, we have answers. Call 800.788.6786 to get started with the options that are right for you.

FEA Logo3600 School Systems in the US

It’s already in use in over 600 school systems in the US alone. It has been awarded three patents based on its integrated Edufeedback teaching process.

Play Attention is proud to announce an alliance with The Foundation for Educational Administration. For years, the FEA has provided exceptional training and programs. FEA will now serve as Play Attention’s educational partner providing staff training and development.

Transfer and Generalization

Lessons learned in front of a computer must be transferred back to the classroom.

By using Play Attention, students see their attention in real-time and begin to understand the correlation between behavior and attention. Transfer and generalization are insured through the use of our Academic Bridging technique.

Academic Bridging

Academic Bridging is the method used in Play Attention to transfer and generalize skills learned in a Play Attention training session to an academic setting.

Students actually perform homework assignments while connected to the Play Attention program. The program alerts them when they fail to pay enough attention to their homework. Play Attention teaches them to finish their homework on time and without a fight with mom or dad. Adults use it the same way to learn to balance their checkbook or finish an office assignment.

Improve Test Scores

Play Attention directly helps students improve classroom attention, essential Executive Functions, and behavior. Test scores improve, classroom performance improves, and the teacher disciplines less. Accountability and achievement – solved. This is reinforced

Our Report Card

Play Attention is an advancement of feedback technology inspired by NASA technology that has 3 published, independent, randomized, controlled studies by a major medical school funded by the US Department of Education. All have excellent results. It is designed to increase student concentration, visual tracking, time on-task, short-term memory, and discriminatory processing. This cognitive foundation is essential to classroom success.

Premium Free Support

As educators, we know you don’t have a lot of time to learn new software. So we made Play Attention comprehensive but not complicated. You even get a personal support agent, a teacher like yourself, who will talk you through both the technical and education elements you need to know! And through, you can gain full access to the latest research on ADD/ADHD, software updates, and more. Free technical support is also provided for the life of your use of Play Attention.

It’s all here

You get the software, the BodyWave® armband, interface box, Bluetooth dongle, user manual, behavior shaping charts, all behavioral management materials, free and unlimited technical & educational support, a full introductory tutorial over the phone, and an unlimited user-license — everything you need to begin using Play Attention quickly.

Enjoy Play Attention’s dedicated support site is loaded with newsletters, latest software downloads, coaching resources, interactive advice from staff, and much, much more.

Contact our Support Staff about integrating Play Attention by simply calling (800) 788-6786 now, you can make a real difference in your client’s lives – now and in the future!

You are encouraged to attend an upcoming free webinar for more detailed information and to view Play Attention in action. Please call us at (800) 788-6786 to speak with other educators currently using Play Attention.